Motorola DM4601e Digital Mobile Two-Way Radios

Motorola DM4601e Digital Mobile Two-Way Radios

Keep your team connected with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO digital mobile two-way radios. DM4000 series radios are ETSI DMR Standards compliant and offer crystal clear digital audio, text messaging, integrated GPS and Bluetooth for adaptable wireless comms.

DM4000 series radios are made to last and designed for harsh environments with IP54 ratings for dust and splash protection. With advanced data capabilities, MOTOTRBO keeps your team smarter and safer.

Exceptional Audio Clarity

The Motorola DM4601e is part of the MOTOTRBO series, mobile two-way radios that connect your team effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work. Featuring high-performance integrated voice and data, they are the smart choice for skilled professionals who refuse to compromise.

Hear calls clearly over a wide coverage area with exceptional digital clarity thanks to DMR TDMA technology. Digital offers superior audio quality and up to twice the call capacity compared to analogue radios. And, because it uses less power, you get longer battery life.

Intelligent Audio automatically adjusts the radio volume up and down in response to environmental noise levels, enabling your employees to communicate more easily. Whether you work in an office, warehouse or construction site, a robust built-in microphone can suppress background noise and help ensure your staff are heard loud and clear.

Keep your entire team connected with this Motorola digital two-way radio, which provides text messaging and a customisable man down feature for emergency situations. It’s also compatible with the MOTOTRBO app ecosystem, giving your organisation access to a wide range of business-critical applications such as location tracking, work order ticket management, Bluetooth data, email gateways and dispatch.

DM4601e is an ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital mobile radio, providing crystal-clear digital audio and WIFI compatibility. It’s available for UHF and VHF frequencies, with 1,000 channel capacity. Designed motorola dm4601e to transform your enterprise, it comes with standard features like text messaging and Intelligent Audio as well as a 4-line colour display and day/night modes.

Integrated GPS and Bluetooth

The Motorola Solutions DM4600e mobile vehicle radio enables your team to work smarter and safer. It features superb voice and data communication with a variety of additional benefits including integrated Bluetooth audio, text messaging and a customisable emergency button feature. It also complies with the ETSI DMR Standards and delivers crystal clear digital audio, WIFI compatibility and a 4-line colour display for improved productivity and easy operation.

Designed for those who refuse to compromise, this radio provides you with the ultimate in adaptable wireless comms. With GPS functionality included, you can track fellow employees on the job and ensure their safety at all times. Plus, with the inclusion of Bluetooth, you can keep your hands on the wheel and focus on the task at hand while being able to connect with your smartphone and other accessories.

The DM4600e is part of the MOTOTRBO range of digital two-way radios. It’s perfect for organisations who are transitioning to a digital communications system and can be used as an in-vehicle (dashboard mounted) or desktop radio. It’s ideal for a wide range of industries including public service, logistics and transportation, business, manufacturing and the telecommunication industry. Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of MOTOTRBO accessories such as microphones, headsets, earpieces and base stations. Its powerful and flexible capabilities make it the best option for your organisation to become more connected, efficient and safe.

Adaptable Wireless Comms

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DM4601e is one of the most reliable mobile vehicle radios on the market. It uses the latest digital technology to provide a variety of features designed to boost productivity and efficiency.

It’s easy to navigate thanks to an intuitive 4-line display and menu-driven interface that helps users stay focused on the task at hand. Users can access essential data capabilities on demand to optimise operations and streamline workflows. Plus, a programmable emergency button feature makes it simple to quickly notify team members of urgent situations.

Ensure your teams hear and are heard clearly with Intelligent Audio which automatically adjusts the radio’s volume to match the environment. With integrated Bluetooth audio capability, you can connect hands-free headsets or earpieces to keep your team connected and focused. The DM4000 series is also built to last, being IP54 rated for splashproof and dustproof durability. Plus, it’s made to withstand Motorola’s rigorous accelerated life test program.

The DM4000 series is the world’s most popular mobile two-way radio solution and it comes with plenty of features to keep your team connected and productive. This includes basic and enhanced privacy-scrambling, the Motorola-unique transmit interrupt suite to prioritise critical communication the moment you need it, option board expandability, and compatibility with SCADA solutions for utility and public service monitoring and alarms.

Easy to Operate

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO mobile two-way radios deliver a smoother, more reliable and productive communications experience. With a range of practical 2 way radio manufacturers features like Intelligent Audio, text messaging and a 4-line colour display with day and night mode. The MOTOTRBO series has been designed for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise on performance.

Whether it’s a delivery driver crisscrossing the city, or sanitation crew clearing streets, workers can work smarter and safer with the MOTOTRBO DM4000e Series. The robust DM4000e series offers best-in-class voice communication and advanced data capabilities that support operations. Integrated Bluetooth audio lets you talk hands-free, and IP-enabled Wi-Fi allows for remote software updates. Indoor and outdoor location-tracking capability gives you total visibility of your team. And support for both trunking and legacy analog technology means you can upgrade to digital at your own pace.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios are engineered to be tough, with a rugged design and rigorous testing program. The MOTOTRBO DM4000e series is IP54 rated – splashproof and virtually dustproof. Ensure your employees are safe on the job with responsive push-to-talk technology that can summon help at a touch, and emergency button functionality that allows workers to quickly signal for assistance when needed. Easily transition to digital with the MOTOTRBO mixed mode capability, which allows the DM4000e series radios to operate in both digital and analogue modes simultaneously.

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