Motorola DM1600 – The Ideal Two-Way Radio For Teams Working Safely and Efficiently

motorola dm1600

Motorola DM1600 – The Ideal Two-Way Radio For Teams Working Safely and Efficiently

Motorola dm1600 is a VHF base/vehicle two-way radio that enables clear communication to keep teams working safely and efficiently. It offers basic features, but is compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) business-essential features such as Transmit Interrupt to prioritize critical communications.

Its analogue-only model lets customers upgrade to digital capability at their own pace. This is done with a simple software package.

Dual Capacity Direct Mode

The DM1600 is the ideal mobile two-way radio to enable your team to connect in any environment. Whether it’s a warehouse, office or school, the DM1600 delivers clear communication so everyone works safely and efficiently.

With the Dual Capacity Direct Mode feature you can double the capacity of a 12.5 kHz simplex channel by using the second slot in your radio – without the need for repeaters. This is accomplished by allowing a MOTOTRBO radio to transmit on one slot and receive on the other, motorola dm2600 thereby utilizing the entire 12.5 kHz of spectrum. This feature requires R2.7.0 firmware or higher.

MOTOTRBO digital radios use the TDMA DMR standard which splits each channel into 2 independent time slots. Typically, the timeslots cannot be used simultaneously without a timing reference. MOTOTRBO uses the synchronization of the TDMA timeslots to allow simultaneous transmission and reception on the same channel. This is known as Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM).

From conventional systems for small and medium businesses to enormous trunked systems that cover a country, MOTOTRBO gives you options with graceful scalability. This system blends innovation with Motorola’s extensive real-world experience of trunked radio systems to help you build a scalable communications solution that fits your organization. Features like a call queue to hold calls during busy times, priority calling to identify important users and the ability to integrate with wireline consoles for centralized dispatch enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Transmit Interrupt (decode only)

Motorola DM1600 digital mobile radios offer the latest technology from superior audio to greater coverage. They are compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) business-essential features such as Transmit Interrupt, which allows a supervisor to interrupt a conversation to prioritize critical communication. The DM1600 is easy to use and can help your operation be more efficient and productive.

Whether they are delivering cargo, dispatching lorries or driving buses and trams, your everyday drivers need to stay connected to get the job done. The Motorola MOTOTRBO(tm) DM1600 mobile professional radio with alphanumeric display is a reliable, cost-efficient solution to connect your team to keep operations running smoothly. This analogue/digital radio has all the MOTOTRBO(tm) features you need – from superior audio to greater coverage – and can be easily upgraded to digital capability with a software licence, when the time is right for your organization. The bright, high-contrast numeric display makes it easy for drivers to see important information at a glance.

MOTOTRBO(tm) Radio Management Tool

Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio systems bring the power of two-way communications into your business 2 way radio dealers with instant, reliable communication solutions. Our system gives you the freedom to upgrade to digital at your own pace with analogue compatibility, while delivering voice quality, range and battery life that are better than analog. The MOTOTRBO portfolio is complemented by premium applications that increase efficiency, enhance productivity and improve safety.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max is a scalable digital trunking system that delivers the power of multi-site communication without sacrificing voice quality or range. With the capacity to operate multiple talkgroups and a wireline console, it allows users to queue calls until an open channel is available, assign priority status and integrate with external databases for centralized dispatch.

MOTOTRBO Radio Management Tool is a software application that provides centralized management and control for your APX radio fleet, eliminating the need to install costly hardware in the dispatch office. It enables you to manage and monitor your radios remotely using a web browser, PC or mobile device.

RM can be downloaded from Motorola Solutions website as a free download or included with selected MOTOTRBO service packages. Once a RM license is activated, all APX products that are connected to your network and configured via RM are eligible to receive software updates for the duration of the MOTOTRBO service package.

Dustproof and splashproof

The Motorola dm1600 is a mobile radio that is very similar to a walkie-talkie. This analogue/digital mobile radio offers all the benefits of the latest technology, from superior audio to greater coverage. It also includes advanced MOTOTRBO(tm) business-essential features such as Transmit Interrupt (decode only) to prioritize critical communication and a bright, high-contrast alphanumeric display that allows drivers to see settings and caller ID at a glance. This easy-to-use radio is available in an analogue only model and can be easily upgraded to digital with a software package when the time is right for you.

Designed for rugged situations, this radio delivers outstanding performance in tough conditions and loud environments — from the rumble of a cement truck to the busy hustle and bustle at a loading dock. It’s IP54 dustproof and splashproof; MIL-STD 810 compliant; and goes through Motorola’s innovative ALT testing regime, so you can work with confidence in challenging environments. And it’s easy to programme in bulk using the Radio Management Tool, giving you error-free results and optimized performance. This analogue/digital mobile professional radio comes complete with a fist microphone, mounting bracket, screws and power cable.

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