MOTOTRBO XiR P3688 Walkie-Talkie

MOTOTRBO XiR P3688 Walkie-Talkie

The rugged MOTOTRBO XiR P3688 handheld radio is built to last. It includes advanced MOTOTRBO features, like force-interrupting transmissions to prioritize critical communications.

MOTOTRBO digital technology gives you better voice communications with twice the capacity on a single license, improved audio clarity and 40% longer battery life. Plus, it’s fully compatible with analog radios for simple migration at your pace.

Simple to use

Designed for everyday use, this cost-effective walkie talkie helps your crews communicate, coordinate and MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO portable two-way radio XiR P3688 collaborate to get the job done right. It provides advanced functionality you’d expect from MOTOTRBO digital radios — such as force-interrupting a transmission to prioritize critical communications.

With a two-line OLED display, it’s easy to monitor battery level, signal strength, current channel and scrolling messages. And the virtual keypad can be customised to vibrate, sound a tone or stay silent for discreet communication. The SL2M also supports linking multiple sites into one network with IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus to improve call capacity and efficiency across your entire organisation.

Built for tough jobs, it meets stringent Motorola standards to ensure durability in harsh environments. It’s rated IP54 (splashproof and virtually dustproof) and passes the grueling Motorola Accelerated Life Test to survive a simulated 5 years of heavy use. It also features a rugged design that withstands extreme temperatures, making it safe for use in flammable or explosive environments.

The XiR P3688 is easy to use in dark or noisy places with its simple interface and user-friendly features. And when someone needs help, he can easily reach the dispatch centre with the Lone Worker feature that alerts supervisor or emergency services. He can then use programmable side buttons to send short free-form or quick text messaging.


A construction worker uses his XiR P3688 to communicate with a team on the job site. The digital technology gives him crisp, clear voice communications even over the loudest machinery. Plus, the radio is rated IP54 (splashproof and dustproof), making it perfect for harsh environments.

The XiR P3688 is affordable and flexible, giving walkie talkie dealers you the choice to migrate to digital voice communications at your own pace. And it comes with advanced MOTOTRBO features you’ll find useful. Like Transmit Interrupt, which enables you to interrupt another transmission to deliver critical communication exactly when it’s needed.

The XiR P3688 is also compatible with Motorola’s MOTOTRBO RDX Series repeaters, enabling you to expand your system to provide more coverage and more capability. Use the repeater interface to link multiple sites in your organization or upgrade to a high-capacity system to support more users and communications. And with MOTOTRBO Smart Audio, your XiR P3688 is optimized with the best audio quality possible. Its IMPRES Smart Audio system detects and adjusts to different signal levels, automatically adjusting to give you the clearest sound possible. The programmable push-to-talk button is designed for comfortable operation, and the speaker is optimized to improve voice intelligibility. And when the XiR P3688 is connected to an optional voice storage board, it can also record up to two minutes of audio.


XiR P3688 is easy to use and delivers a powerful voice communication solution that helps your teams connect, coordinate and cooperate. It can be used as a standalone voice-only handheld walkie-talkie or it can be equipped with optional Motorola Original(r) accessories that are designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize performance (see accessory fact sheet for full portfolio). Features like the Transmit Interrupt Suite—voice interrupt, remote voice dekey and emergency voice interrupt—help prioritize critical communication exactly when it’s needed. And the optional Capacity Plus* scalable, singlesite digital trunking solution enables you to support more users without adding new frequencies.

Easily move between analog and digital mode with the press of a button. XiR P8600i Series radios are made for skilled professionals who refuse to settle for less than the best and are ready for today and tomorrow. Integrated voice and data, enhanced features that are simple to use and operations-critical advantages mean you’re always more agile, better connected and safer.

Features that make it easier to keep your teams coordinated and safe include a vibrate alert and dual color LED status indicator for instant visibility of battery life, signal strength and channel status. And the IMPRES Smart Audio system automatically adjusts for optimal voice quality. Plus, you can easily program all your radios in batches to a standard template with the Radio Management Suite.


Simple and affordable for the light user who values ease of use and efficiency, this MOTOTRBO analogue/digital radio connects your team efficiently, with the flexibility to grow with your business. It features systems support, loud and clear voice communications, superior coverage, long battery life and advanced MOTOTRBO functionality – including the ability to interrupt another transmission to prioritize critical communication.

Integrated with powerful fleet control and dispatch functionalities, MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions maximize your business operational effectiveness. Connecting disparate networks like radio, cellular and Wi-Fi, it’s a seamless integration of voice, data and telephony – using push-to-talk across all devices and communication systems.

The NNTN8383 INC Remote Speaker Microphone is designed for use in noisy environments and works to improve your voice clarity while also providing superior noise cancelling. It features a coiled cord, a push-to-talk switch and clips securely onto clothing or equipment with the back of the microphone.

Unlike traditional two-way radio batteries, these lithium ion batteries do not contain mercury and are much lighter and less prone to overcharging or memory issues. They are also more environmentally friendly. They provide up to three times the runtime of Ni-Cad batteries and deliver up to 28 hours of talk time.

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