FTTH Drop Cable Patch Cords

FTTH Drop Cable Patch Cords

FTTH drop cable patch cord is a pre-terminated multi-core fiber optic cable with standard connectors on both ends. This eliminates the need for on-site splicing and improves the efficiency of deployment.

It uses special low-bend-sensitivity fiber and can be easily connected to CATV, optical switches, or telecommunications equipment. Its thick protective layer provides a strong resistance to corrosion and physical impacts.

FTTH Application

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) is an internet connectivity technology that brings lightning-fast data transmission directly to homes. It offers several benefits, including future-proof technology, enhanced user experience, and increased property value.

FTTH provides a high-speed internet connection that surpasses the limitations of traditional ftth-drop-cable-patch-cords copper-based connections. It uses a direct fiber optic connection all the way to the subscriber’s home, eliminating interference and ensuring a reliable internet experience.

Its scalable bandwidth supports evolving digital services and applications, providing the speed and reliability needed for future technologies like virtual reality and 8K video streaming. FTTH also offers low latency, which reduces the time it takes for data to travel from the source to the destination, enabling real-time applications like online gaming and video calls.

Moreover, FTTH ensures uninterrupted connectivity for Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications, allowing efficient monitoring and control of industrial processes. This enables predictive maintenance and improved productivity. However, IoT devices generate massive amounts of data that can overload traditional connectivity networks. This data-intensive nature of IoT requires a high level of stability and reliability to function effectively.


FTTH drop cable patch cords also called FTTH fiber optic jumpers are pre-terminated with connectors on both ends to allow them to be rapidly and conveniently plugged into optical switches, CATV boxes, or other telecommunications equipment. They provide an efficient solution to the challenge of delivering high-speed Internet services into residential homes and help you save on total costs of fiber network deployment.

These patch cables are available in multiple lengths to suit your specific application needs and have a variety of color options for easy identification. They feature low insertion loss to ensure maximum performance and reliability for your fiber networking applications.

FTTH drop cable patch cords come in two variations: one variation has SC fiber connectors on both ends and is used to connect to a FACT plate, terminal box, or ONU tec. The other has a UPC connector and has a special angled physical contact, which allows the connection to be made more easily and with greater reliability. The connectors are coated with zirconia, reducing back reflection and improving signal integrity. The cable jacket is made of PVC or LSZH depending on your application needs.

Round Type

Ftth drop cable patch cord is a multi-fiber optic cable terminated with connectors on both ends. It huawei-products is a very important part of fiber to the home (FTTH) network. It can be used indoors or outdoors to connect a building to its access network and communication devices.

The patch cord is a single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber cable with a connector pre-terminated on both ends to allow rapid and convenient conjoining to CATV, optical switches and other telecommunications equipment during FTTH network construction projects. Its thick security layer protects the fiber and makes it easy to move or rearrange wiring without reconfiguring the system.

LC Uniboot Fiber Optic Patch Cords feature a unique design that integrates two optical fibers into one cable, which can save space and greatly reduce the number of cables needed in high-density cabling environments. It also helps to improve bending resistance, which can significantly extend the life of the cable.

Waterproof FTTH Drop Cable Patch Cords feature waterproof LC and SC connectors that are ideal for outdoor FTTH cable applications. Its special low-bend-sensitivity fiber ensures the cable can withstand harsh weather conditions and deliver high bandwidth and exceptional communication transmission performance.

Cable Jacket Materials

A fiber optic cable’s outer jacket is essential to protect it from moisture and mechanical damage. It also helps to keep the inner cables safe from flames and chemicals. The most important consideration when selecting a cable jacket is its fire rating. There are several different fire standards that are used to test a fiber optic cable’s ability to resist fire. These include General-Purpose, Riser, and LSZH.

Choosing a cable with the right fire rating is essential to ensure safety in data centers. LSZH cable jackets are particularly effective for this application, as they produce very little smoke and have low toxicity levels in the event of a fire.

Another option for data center use is PVDF, which has great flexibility over a wide range of temperatures and offers excellent chemical resistance. It is also UL listed, meaning that it has been independently tested and certified by UL to meet strict safety standards. This makes it ideal for FTTH applications. It also has a lower melting point than PE, which can help it to resist heat better.

Glass Fiber Core

Glass fiber is an insulating material that has many applications. It can be made from either natural or synthetic materials. Natural glass fibers are known by various names, including vulcanized silica, vetrotex, and fiberglass. They are often used as insulation in the building industry and have a high tensile strength. They can also be processed into yarn, roving, or woven mats. They are also used in the construction of pipes and tanks.

Optical fibers are glass strands that transport light. They have a core that transports the light, and cladding that reflects it back into the core. The core is surrounded by a buffer layer that prevents excessive loss (attenuation) from vibrations or shocks. The cladding is usually doped with rare earth ions to make the optical fibers active.

FTTH drop cable patch cord other named FTTH uniboot fiber optical jumper is terminated with connectors on both ends,it is widely applied in telecommunications network to connect end users. They can be categorized into simplex and duplex fiber optic cables according to the number of fiber strands.

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