Cone Filling Machine Weed

cone filling machine weed

Cone Filling Machine Weed

Cone filling machines are invaluable tools for cannabis brands seeking to scale up their pre-roll production. These compact vibration machines come in different sizes and offer a cost-effective way to automate cone production.

These devices can pack half gram 84mm pre-rolls, 3/4 gram 98mm pre-rolls, and 1 gram king sized cones right out of the box – no extra attachments needed!

Cone Size

Choosing the right cone size for your pre-roll machine can help you improve your production speed. The right cone size should be consistent and easily recognizable by your customers. It should also be easy to fill and twist closed. For example, a 1 1/4 cone filling machine weed inch cone is 84mm long with a 26mm crutch. This cone size is great for weed, tobacco or hash.

While it may seem like more cone openings would equal more pre-rolls per minute, it’s important to remember that the bottleneck will be later in your production process when you are removing the cones and checking weights, tamping and twisting them, and then packaging them in doob tubes or premium multi-pack options. An automated machine can help speed up the cone filling process, but the rest of your processes will still slow down considerably.

Cone filling machines can be powered by electricity or not, but they typically have a vibrating table that helps to settle the cannabis and pack it evenly. The electric models also tend to work more quickly than non-electric machines that rely on manual thumping.

Paper Cones

A cone filling machine can save cannabis businesses valuable time and money. It can reduce the amount of manual labor required to produce a batch of pre-rolls and help businesses compete with larger marijuana companies that have more staff members.

To make a paper cone, start by cutting out a wide triangle. This will give you more room to roll the corners together. Using one hand, start by rolling the far corners into the center. Once you have a general cone shape, you can tape it in place to prevent it from falling apart.

If you are having trouble with the seams, try folding the loose edges inside. This should stabilize the cone’s shape, but if it still doesn’t hold, you can use tape to seal the seam.

If you’re planning to buy a cone filling machine, it’s important to know how to use it properly. Many machines have different operating instructions, so read the manual thoroughly. Also, be sure to buy a receptacle to catch the excess cannabis. This will make it easier to clean and store the machine.


A quality grind and sifting are the most critical steps in producing cone filling machine weed. A grinder with a swappable screen ensures the proper size for each run, removing any stems or other debris that may compromise your pre-rolls. Alternatively, many companies produce grinders with built-in sifters that make the process more manageable.

Once the ideal grind and sift size are cone filling machine weed achieved, it’s time to move onto the cone filling machine. Most machines require little training or oversight to operate and feature a spill tray that collects the residual herb for easy cleaning. Some machines even offer weight-based dispensing, which saves on capital spent by over-filling joints.

Some machines are designed for a variety of cone sizes, including half and quarters, as well as smaller, standard pre-rolls. Others, like the Fast Fill series, are meant for a specific cone size and use a vibration table to pack your pre-rolls. These machines are designed for businesses looking to reduce labor costs and increase production output. Many also have a feature that allows you to tamp or twist/fold your finished product, which is an excellent way to distinguish your products from the competition.

Sift Size

Pre roll cone machines allow you to produce a large number of pre-rolls at once. This is important for a dispensary or cannabis business because it reduces the amount of time staff spend performing manual tasks and it improves consistency for consumers.

A good cone filling machine will use vibration to pack weed evenly into each individual cone. This ensures that each pre-roll is of high quality. It is also much quicker than doing it manually. For example, it can take a couple of minutes for someone to hand pack one single cone with weed. A quality cone filling machine will speed this up significantly.

There are several types of cone filling machines available on the market, including the Buddy Box and the Bump Box. A newer cone filling machine called Holy Roller is a high-capacity and accurate pre-roll cone filler that uses a combination of gravity and vibration to pack the marijuana evenly into each individual pre-roll. It is able to produce 3,000+ pre-rolls per hour and has an impressive density variance of.0012, which is ten times less than other existing cone filling machines.


A cone filling machine helps cannabis businesses pack pre-rolled cones more quickly and efficiently. It can speed up production by several hundred folds, and the streamlined process reduces labor costs. A cone filling machine can be an excellent investment for a marijuana manufacturing company, or a dispensary that wishes to increase its pre roll product line.

A good cone filling machine should come with a sifter and grinder. This will ensure that the buds are properly ground and free of any foreign material. It is also recommended that the machine be used with a tamping tool, which will help to push down the buds and make them more tightly packed. This will help to improve the burn quality and will allow more vapor to escape when the user smokes the joint.

It is important to note that while a larger machine with more cone slots will seem like it will produce more pre-rolls faster, this is not necessarily the case. The bottleneck in the cone-filling process tends to occur in the later stages, which will include removing the cones, checking their weight, and tamping them down.

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