Automatic Cartridge Filler Machine

automatic cartridge filler

Automatic Cartridge Filler Machine

Cartridge filler machines automate traditional labor-intensive processes, making them faster and more accurate than manual methods. They can be used to fill a wide variety of materials, including e-liquids and cannabis/hemp extracts.

When selecting an automatic cartridge filler, consider capacity, versatility, and reliability. This article will discuss these factors in detail, and offer tips on how to select the best machine for your business.


A cartridge-filling machine is an essential piece of equipment for any manufacturing process that involves packaging liquids or viscous products. It can help you meet your customers’ specific demands and preferences while scaling your production capacity to accommodate growth. There are a few different types of cartridge-filling machines, each with its own unique features. Some are designed for larger productions, while others are best for small-batch or seasonal needs.

Whether you’re making 50 or 100 cartridges, the JOYGOAL semi-automatic filler has you covered. The advanced digital temperature control unit is built out of durable, heat-dissipating aluminum for years of trouble-free use. Its easy-to-program LED display allows you to set the desired oil temperature from room temperature to 194f. The power and data cords are also detachable, which makes them easy to store.

One of the fastest cartridge fillers on the market, the Hotshot is capable of filling more than 1000 carts per day. This is thanks to its large oil carrying capacity, which is up to 25ml more than other popular syringe gun filler machines. Its revolutionary annular heat barrel protects your oil from direct contact with the heating coil, preventing it from burning.

This automatic cartridge filler is ideal for sealing silicone sealant, MS sealant, PU sealant, resin, epoxy and other paste type sealant with plastic or paper cartridges. It features a convenient operation mode, high efficiency, accurate metering, and long-time continuous operation.


In the world of cartridge-filling machines, there are a number of different options to suit your needs. You can choose from manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, depending on your production requirements. Choosing the right machine can automatic cartridge filler save you time and money while still providing the quality your customers expect.

Cartridge-filling machines can be used to fill a variety of liquids, including oils, e-liquids and cannabis/hemp extracts. However, it is important to select a model that can handle the viscosity of the product you are producing. If you choose a machine that is not suitable for your specific material, it can lead to errors during the manufacturing process. Look for models that offer customizable shot sizes, allowing you to select the exact volume that is filled.

Additionally, it is vital to choose a cartridge-filling machine that can produce high-quality products consistently. This is especially important for distillate oil cartridges, which require strict standards and specifications to ensure quality and consistency. A stock syringe filler will not provide the speed and precision needed for these types of cartridges.

Lastly, it is essential to choose a cartridge-filling machine with an integrated capping system. This will ensure that each cartridge is capped immediately after being filled, reducing the risk of leakage and oxidation. Some models can be used with either manual or semi-automatic capping methods, while others, like the Thompson Duke CF-790, are completely automated.


Cartridge-filling machines are a great way to improve your manufacturing process. They can fill cartridges consistently and accurately at a much faster rate than manual labor, which helps you meet customer demands and reduce lead times. They also offer a variety of advanced features that can help you optimize your production processes.

When looking for a cartridge-filling machine, it is important to consider the type of product you’re producing and the rate at which you want to produce it. Different devices have varying capabilities and can handle a range of cartridge sizes. Also, make sure that the device can handle the style of cartridges you use. This will ensure that your products are filled properly and will not clog or otherwise be damaged.

Another factor to consider when buying a cartridge-filling machine is its reliability. Look for a machine that has been built with quality parts, is easy to use, and has a high level of reliability. Additionally, it’s a good idea to purchase a warranty that covers the machine in case of any issues.

Another advantage of automated cartridge-filling is that it can significantly increase your output, allowing you to meet the demands of customers and boost your sales. Additionally, you’ll be able to eliminate the risk of errors and other problems associated with manual carts.

Advanced features

Cartridge-filling machines are designed to streamline and automate a labor-intensive process, which reduces production time and increases productivity. They also help eliminate errors and ensure consistency and accuracy. Choosing the right cartridge-filling machine for your needs will depend on your manufacturing requirements, budget, and production volume.

The most basic cartridge-filling machine consists of an electric pump, an oil tank, and a nozzle. These machines are ideal for low-volume productions. They can handle a variety of products, including automatic cartridge filler low- and high-viscosity oils. They’re also easy to operate and maintain.

For larger productions, you’ll need a cartridge-filling machine with a higher capacity. These machines are more expensive, but they can be more efficient and reduce production time. They also feature advanced features, such as a heating system and a vacuum pump, that enhances cartridge filling efficiency.

The Vape Jet, a popular cartridge filler, has a large oil tank that holds up to 1200ml. This tank is enclosed in a box-like structure to prevent contaminants from reaching the product. This makes it more durable than other cartridge fillers on the market, such as syringe gun filler machines, which often need to be refilled due to their small oil-carrying capacities. It is also one of the fastest fillers on this list, making it a good choice for manufacturers who want to get their product out as quickly as possible.

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